About me

Callum Kerr · BEng (Hons) Computer Security and Forensics

I'm a digital professional working at the University of Edinburgh, and I manage a portfolio of bespoke websites for individuals and small businesses. I've been building websites since 2010, and messing with HTML/CSS for long before then.

Photography is a hobby that I take seriously enough to spend a fair whack of money on now and then, I'll share some of my faviourites photographs on here, along with the story behind them.

Professional timeline

  • 2020
    CMS Service Support Officer
    Website and Communications · Learning Teaching and Web

    I work to support users of the University's corporate website management system, and develop and manage bespoke web-based tools.

    Notable projects

  • 2017
    Service Co-ordinator
    Digital Learning Applications and Media · Learning Teaching and Web

    I provided support to users of the University's primary virtual learning environment (Learn), Moodle, and several other beskpoke systems. I also developed bespoke themes for a Moodle instance, and a Bootstrap-based WordPress theme utilising the "EdGEL" framework.

    Notable projects

    • Blogs.ed
    • Windows 10 migration
  • 2014
    CMS Support Assistant
    Website and Communications · Learning Teaching and Web

    Two years of part-time followed by one year of full-time. This role allowed me to slowly gain great experience, and keep me comfortable while completing my degree.

    Notable projects

    • Search results interface
    • Pure widget
    • Campus maps redesign
    • IS Helpline support form
  • 2013
    CMS Support Assistant and User Tester
    University Website Programme · Corporate Special Projects

    A one year work placement arranged in between Edinburgh Napier University and The University of Edinburgh. I was the first placement student in the team, and glad that I wasn't the last.

    Notable projects

    • Polopoly migration workbook
    • UWP widget upgrade

Special thanks

My mum and dad, Dawn, Mark, Stratos, Tim, Karen, Mikey, Andrew, Anne-Marie, Mamph, Sean, Billy, Kevin, and folks in WAC, DLAM, DO.

You've all shaped me in some way - thank you.