Hi, I'm Callum Kerr

Professional web engineer · hobbiest photographer

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I'm an Edinburgh-based professional web engineer, and I take a picture now and then.

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I mostly talk about my work, technology, privacy and security, and other things I find interesting.

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Moving my websites to AWS

· Reading time: 3 minutes

Way back in 2017, I wanted to move my web server to AWS. It took until this year for me actually get my act together and make it happen. Brief history I started back in late 2017 with the idea to move to AWS, but things didn’t work out. I attempted to build support for […]

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Assisting COVID-19 research with UNCOVER

· Reading time: 4 minutes

As part of my work at The University of Edinburgh, I was asked to quickly design, develop, and deploy a single page web application to display a list of pending research papers related to COVID-19.

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Hello, world!

· Reading time: < 1 minute

I have finally got round to launching my own personal / professional website. One of my 2020 plans is to do a lot more blogging, this is the first step to enabling that.

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