Hi, I'm Callum Kerr

Professional web engineer · hobbyist photographer

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I'm an Edinburgh-based professional web engineer, and I take a picture now and then.

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I mostly talk about my work, technology, privacy and security, and other things I find interesting.

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Dropbox to AWS S3 Glacier Deep Archive – how I reduced my online backup costs by over 90%

· Reading time: 8 minutes

I got a bit tired of paying £9.99 a month for Dropbox, so I explored cheaper options and after figuring out the inner workings, AWS S3 Glacier Deep Archive is the solution. I’ve been meaning to write this up for a wee while now. I originally implemented this process back in mid-2019 and it’s been […]

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AWS RDS disaster recovery

· Reading time: 5 minutes

In mid-April, I found myself up late on a Saturday night working away on enhancements to my WP Practice system, when I accidentally nuked one of my development environments. Fun ensued. I was building an enhancement to the “Delete account” functionality offered to patients (part of GDPR features). I built the original functionality quickly and […]

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Moving my websites to AWS

· Reading time: 3 minutes

Way back in 2017, I wanted to move my web server to AWS. It took until this year for me actually get my act together and make it happen. Brief history I started back in late 2017 with the idea to move to AWS, but things didn’t work out. I attempted to build support for […]

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