Hello, world!

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I have finally got round to launching my own personal / professional website. One of my 2020 plans is to do a lot more blogging, this is the first step to enabling that.

Some background

I actually hoped to launch this in February, but then COVID-19 happened, so had other priorities.

Site’s powered by WordPress, themed with Bootstrap 4.5. Went all minimal and added gradients. What’s not better with a bit of gradient? I’ll probably get round to fully completing the theme over the next five to ten years, but it should work fine as it is now.

Additionally, I’m going to be using to be using WordPress’s Gutenberg editor for posts and page content – time to embrace the apparent future, and mourn the passing of our classic editor. First impressions are good.

What will the site be used for?

I plan to use this site as my “about me” home, and host highlights from professional and personal work I do. I’ll also be blogging about frankly anything I fancy, but it’ll mainly focus on my work, professional image, and any personal experiences I want to share with whoever can be bothered to read it. Enjoy? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯